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Home Buying Steps

location and lot for new home

Choose your location and lot

The first step is where do you want to live? Choose a location and community that best suits you. Whether it's based on career opportunities, school system, or a combination of factors.

floor plan for new home

Floor Plan Selection

Choose your new home design. What size home do you need? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Decide on a floor plan that best suits you, with our professional advice helping you along the way.

contract signing for new home

Make it official

After choosing what you want and where you want it, let's make it official. Sign the contract confirming your home plan and location and provide a letter of approval.

personalize new home

Personalize your New Home

This is where you make the home unique to you. Customize your home with colors, styles, and upgrades that truly make your home YOURS.

construction of new home

Construction Begins

Time to break ground and begin building the dream home you've been waiting for.

check out new home

Check out your New Home

Take a walk through your new home and make sure everything is the way you've dreamt it to be.

move into your new home

Move in

The big day! Once everything is confirmed and exactly the way it should be, we will hand over the keys to your brand new home.


What are the benefits of building a custom home?
It's simple, to make your dream come true. We have a passion for helping homeowners turn their vision of their dream home into a reality. Russo Homes has a proven process that is guaranteed to make building your dream home an exciting and rewarding experience for the whole family.
Can you build from plans I already have?
Yes, provided the plans meet the neighborhood's requirements for size and/or style of construction. We can make an existing set of plans work for the lot you own or choose to buy. In most cases, you can even start with a photo or magazine clipping and we will put you on the right track to develop a floor plan for your new dream home.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, you are covered under the Professional Warranty Service Corporation warranty. Refer to this website for more information: Professional Warranty Service Corporation
How long does a custom build take?
The time it takes to build a home depends on many variables such as square footage, design, time of year, etc. A standard home can take between six months to a year to complete. Weather can heavily influence the speed in which construction proceeds. A winter with frequent snowstorms or a very wet summer, for example, can keep your builder from pouring the foundation, which can hold up the process for months. On the other hand, once the foundation is poured and the roof installed, construction is no longer influenced by the weather.
How do I get started building new or buying new?
If you are only interested in custom construction, we will help you pick a floor plan that meets your needs and fits comfortably on your lot. There are numerous decisions to be made when building from scratch, but we make it our priority to help you throughout the entire process to provide a stress-free experience. If you are interested in a new production-built custom home, Russo Homes will work with you on every detail to turn your ideal dream home into a reality.
Do you have lots for sale in all areas of town?
Yes. Real estate is our business and we stay up to date as to the availability of property in our area.
Can you help me find the financing for building new?
Yes. We have decades of experience in working with mortgage lenders and banks. We can help you find financing, or feel free to use whichever source you choose.
How do we get the design-build process started?
Just give us a call or use our website's contact form to submit an email with your questions or comments. Once we have an overall idea as to your specific needs, the owner himself will help you establish a realistic timeline and proceed from there. It is always our goal to take advantage of every opportunity to communicate with you about your real estate and home building needs. So, just let us know how we can best serve you.
Which is better, a cost-plus or fixed fee contract?
It truly depends upon your specific needs. Most home buyers are more comfortable with a fixed-price contract for completing their new construction. However, if you want the freedom to make changes or prefer to make purchasing decisions as you go, a cost-plus contract will guarantee the basic cost of building your home. Any additions or upgrades can be included in the final price on a cost-plus basis. Your mortgage company may choose to put a spending limit on changes when you prequalify for your home loan.
What happens if I'm only interested in the best investment opportunity?
We specialize in helping buyers identify the best investment opportunities to include undervalued assets for a turnkey rental property or a short-sale single-family dwelling for yourself. Our passion for South Jersey real estate and years of experience working in all neighborhoods gives us a unique edge in finding the right investment opportunity to match any investor's goals. However, now is the best time in recent history to shop value, so don't wait for market prices to go up.
When can I start moving into my new home?
Once the paperwork is signed on your closing date, you can start moving your belongings into your newly constructed home. We understand that you will likely need to schedule movers and we will work with you to set a tentative date about 30 days prior to completion. Normally, you can secure that date a couple of weeks prior to your actual closing.
We are already very busy with work, family, and other activities. Isn't building a new home going to take a lot of our time?
At Russo Homes, we fully understand how busy your lives can be. We will work to minimize the time and energy you expend during the entire process. Our perfected process of building is so efficient that even the busiest people can build their dream home without drastically changing their everyday lifestyle.
How can we find the best floor plan for our new house?
Russo Homes has a large number of plans to choose from if you don't already have a plan. We are willing and able to make changes to any house plan to make it fit your personal needs. If you already have a plan in mind, whether it's a complete blueprint or simply a cut-out from a magazine, we can help you decide how to improve it to better suit you.
Do we get to select building materials, appliances, and the like?
Absolutely! You will be able to customize your home to fit your budget and your tastes. We will work with you throughout this process to guide you and answer your questions. We will accompany you as you visit suppliers to make choices if you like. We also have an interior decorator available that can help you make decisions.
Once we've made our decisions and the house has been started, how often do we need to go to the construction site to check on progress?
You probably will not have to go to it at all if you don't want to. Once you have made your decisions, it's our job to see that the construction is done correctly.
Should we expect that we will face lots of extra costs over and above the construction bid price?
Russo Homes will work with you from the very first day to make certain that any major selections have been made and costs are included before the contract is signed and any work is done. If you don't make any changes during the building process, you should know the exact price of your house even before we break ground.

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